Welcome To the ‘Mi’ racle Bell Foundation,

We are a non-profit medical product and global research division of the River Don Sanctuary and Homeless Support, a 501 C3 Org. 

What began as a concern for shelter and medical care to a homeless group of people turned into a personal decision to give them my humble home on 10 acres of property.

At that time the River Don Sanctuary and Homeless Support was providing shelter, food and clothing for 43 men, women and children living in their rented home which was 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath and single car garage.

The ‘Mi’ racle Bell Foundation believes in medical equality for all humanity. Our objective is to help individuals who have healthcare concerns not relieved by current medical practices, including those who have no money or health insurance, no local medical care facilities and, especially to those individuals who have been told by their primary care physician that they have no hope for them to live.

Our methods are based on global research and medical practices to learn what has been found to be effective for a variety of diseases including mental stress, drug and alcohol addiction, PTSD, wound healing, cancer, etc.

We take a “bottoms-up” and simpler approach to understand how the body heals by starting at the cellular level, including the subcellular and Primo Vascular levels of human operations. Additionally, we take a proactive approach called Self-Help-Medicine whereby the patient participates in their own healing process.

Our science is quantum mechanics specifically quantum electrodynamics, quantum chemistry, intentional epigenetics and biological signal transduction to define and explain effective medical protocols that are orthomolecular, natural, non-invasive and non-stressful to assist the body in self-healing. We have taken the liberty to redefine the meaning of “orthomolecular” to make sure it used in context with what is correct, familiar and balanced to the approximately 75 trillion eukaryotic cells that make up the human body.

Since our inception, we have self-funded all research and product prototypes ourselves. We will rely on Crowd-funding and what we call Cause-funding for product production.

Our medical operations are supported by EpigeneTec Advanced Medical Systems and Wedel Holisticeuticals that provide innovative and unique technology and medical/health products to be researched further by empirical based studies on global bases. Additionally, we offer unique gifts for donations to the Causes we support that will help individuals in need, and to support Causes that advance medical technology and products for the purpose of integrating with current medical and healthcare practices… Please see our Causes and Gifts page.

Many thanks to all of you who support our efforts, we invite anyone who would like to know more about us, and to those who may know of other organizations that are helping others to please let us know how we can help…

Respectfully Yours,


Dr. Victor J. Wedel, Ph.D., R.T.R., RDMS 

Executive Director                                                                                      

The ‘Mi’ racle Bell Foundation